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Medical Billing & Coding Course for Healthcare Professionals

Medical Billing and Coding Allied Health Instuite is a AAPC certified education provider that provides education for the CPC and CPB exam. We offer medical terminology and anatomy for all students. 

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Medical Billing and Coding are taught by AAPC Approved Instructors certified in this field. Our instructors are passionate and knowledgeable in the healthcare field, with over 20 years of experience. Our Educational Partnership with AAPC allows us to provide the curriculum training to have successful credentialed students in the medical coding and billing field.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

Medical Billing and Coding Allied Health Institute knows how difficult it can be for to pass the AAPC Coding & Billing Exam. We offer tutoring sessions for the CPC and CPB exam. 

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All About Billing & Coding LLC


Yetta Delgado

Felicia is very knowledgeable and helpful. She and I worked late to make sure that I was in Compliance. She made me aware of things that I overlooked and saved me a future headache ☺. Thank you so much for the time spent and your patience. Believe me it's worth it!!!!

Matthew DiCerbo

I've always wanted to learn how to deal with the complexities of navigating insurance billing. This course answered many of my questions; if I need support or have questions, they will help guide me.

Cindy Miller

Very professional, and knowledgeable about the billing and coding process. Highly recommend!

Sow Real Nutrition
I never thought I would understand the process of billing insurance until now. I am a true believer in knowing everything that goes on your business. Felicia has a beautiful passion for this line of work. She is a very patient instructor, and VERY knowledgeable of her expertise.

Although I learned plenty, I am still signing up for All About Billing & Coding services. (I stick with what I know 😉). Keep up the great work!!