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Medical billing can be additional or main source of income for many health care providers. As massage therapy is growing to help aiding in with the care of patients, massage therapist has chance to provide these services through insurance. Now, I know you are wondering how can I do that? There are 3 easy steps you can take. 

Step 1- Obtain NPI number

If you have not done this, you will need to obtain an NPI number. You can obtain your NPI number on the NPPES (National Plan & Provider Enumeration System)

Once you obtain your NPI number, you can then move to step 2.

Step 2-CAQH

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) is available to healthcare professionals who are looking to become credential with insurance carries. This website ( allows you enter your information into a database that will allow insurance carriers to pull your information. To start this process, you will need to have all the information listed below. 

· Name (of course)

· SSN (if you are not eligible for SSN, you can use ITIN)

· Date of Birth

· Country of birth

· State of birth

· Mailing Address

· Practice location and number

· Taxonomy code (that is assigned to you when you did your NPI application)

· State License information

· Degrees you may hold

· Contact person name, phone number and email address

· Copy of professional liability insurance coverage 

· Reference letters

This process can take some time to complete in one setting, so make sure you have all the information you will need to complete this application.

Step 3- Applying with insurance companies

Once you application is complete and approved with CAQH, you can then start applying to medical insurance companies. Each insurance company has a different process in place in credentialing providers. Keep you excel spread sheet for you to know when to follow-up with your application. Even with this step, you are not in-network with any insurance companies. You must be approved by the insurance company first and sign a contact before you can accept insurance. 

Each of these steps will need to be performed as you are going through the process. Skipping any of these steps can prevent your application to be complete. Credentialing can be a lengthy process. It may take 60-180 days depending on the payer. If you are denied, make sure you ask when the next enrollment will take place and sign up for emails from the insurance carriers to stay in the know. This month they may not be taking new providers, but in next 2-3 months they may be open to new providers. 

Once you care approved, you will receive a health care contract. Healthcare contracts will discuss the provider responsibility as a participating provider and the rate you will be paid at. This is very important to review. You want to make sure that the service you are providing will be reimbursed at rate that is beneficial. Remember, not all insurance companies will pay you the same rate. Some will be higher, and some will be lower, and therefore it is important to understand your billing needs. You want to make sure the contract does not certain any items that may reduce your practice rights as defined by the state law. 

Now that you got the contract, who you call next? Well, you call About Billing & Coding LLC (704) 807-0222 to start going through your billing needs. 

Stay tuned on how your revenue cycle management will begin.